Monday, April 27, 2009

The irony of you all

Someone told me that I have a government fixation. That the world I envision without all this intervention would be "nasty, brutish, and short".

As an aside, wouldn't it be amusing if Hobbes was a strict Calvinist?

The truth is that government, the monopolization of force, is only the beginning for me. It's also the largest hurtle. Once I help carve out a piece of the world where freedom truly reigns, I will still have quite a business of providing service to people whilst also promoting practices that will help the people keep that freedom.

Plus, don't get me wrong. The free market is the vastly superior, and the optimum way to get everything that "demoncrats" say they wish for everyone, but until the end of humanity, we will always have shysters and liars. Their social life span will be negligible to nil once we have taken away their government aid and succor, but I will endeavor to make sure that people know about their heinous actions with expedience.

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